Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl History Since First Win in 1974


Pittsburgh Steelers pic
Pittsburgh Steelers
Image: steelers.com

Joann Baney is a business owner and educator with Columbia University. When she is not managing her business or teaching, Joann Baney enjoys following Pittsburgh Steelers football.

The Pittsburgh Steelers hold a number of National Football League (NFL) records, including several Super Bowl records. With eight Super Bowls contested, the Steelers are tied with the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, and Denver Broncos for the most Super Bowl appearances. Pittsburgh has enjoyed considerable success in these appearances, with a league-record six Super Bowl championships. The Steelers are also one of just seven NFL teams to repeat as Super Bowl champions and the only team to enjoy multiple back-to-back Super Bowl wins.

The Pittsburgh Steelers football franchise made its first Super Bowl appearance in 1974. Having won just a single playoff game over the previous 38 seasons, the Steelers defeated the Minnesota Vikings and went on to repeat as champions the following year. The Steelers elevated their Super Bowl record to 4-0 with another back-to-back showing between 1978 and 1979. More recent victories have come in 2005 and 2008.


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