Three Tips Speakers Use to Improve Presentation Skills

public speaker
public speaker


The cofounder of the Professional Development Company, Joann Baney works with other firms and organizations in developing their communications programs. Throughout her career, Joann Baney has coached top-level executives in improving their interpersonal skills, including their presentation and public speaking abilities. To become an effective public speaker, individuals must:

1) Practice. A good presentation comes with preparation. Rehearsing several times gives speakers the confidence they need to deliver the speech. Preparing scripts or visual cues also keeps them on track with the subject they wish to deliver.

2) Acclimatize to the venue. Speakers often find that visiting the venue before the actual presentation makes them more comfortable during the event. It also gives them the opportunity to identify and address elements that can distract their audience, such as poor sound.

3) Allow audience participation. The success of the presentation can be measured through the active participation of listeners. Engaging the audience by encouraging them to ask questions builds rapport and establishes a connection.


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