Larry Brown: An Underrated Steelers Great

Larry Brown pic
Larry Brown

There are obvious choices when it comes to naming the all-time great Steelers. Names like Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, Troy Polamalu, and Ben Roethlisberger immediately come to mind. There are other players, however, whose efforts have largely been underrated by Steelers fans for years. One such individual is Larry Brown.

Brown was a fourth-round draft pick in 1971 as a tight end. Playing in an era where the tight-end position was not often utilized in the passing game, Brown finished his career with 48 receptions, five of those being touchdown grabs. His most memorable catch, however, came in Super Bowl IX against the Minnesota Vikings, where he caught a touchdown pass from Terry Bradshaw that sealed the team’s 15-6 victory.

In 1977, Brown did something unusual for the time, switching positions from tight end to offensive tackle. In two Super Bowl appearances at the position Brown helped keep a clean pocket for Bradshaw, which allow him to shred the Cowboys and Rams secondaries, securing two more Lombardi Trophies for the Steelers in the process.


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