ChildFund International Seeks to Reduce Mass Child Migrations

ChildFund International pic
ChildFund International

An accomplished entrepreneur and educator, Joann Baney splits her time between serving as vice president of the Professional Development Company, Inc., and teaching courses at Columbia University. Committed to charitable giving as well, Joann Baney supports ChildFund International.

As part of its effort to help children around the world achieve their potential, ChildFund International has joined with Christian Children’s Fund Canada and Educo to reduce child migration from Central America and Mexico. The group of organizations are working toward reducing the recent child migration waves from Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. These efforts will be funded by a $9.7 million grant from Canada’s foreign relations departments. Additional funds from members are expected to increase this amount to $11.7 million.

The money from contributions and the fund will allow these organizations to address the causes of child migration. Currently, the primary causes appear to be limited educational and employment opportunities and high levels of violence and crime. ChildFund International and its partners also believe that the lack of understanding of the dangers of irregular migration is a contributing factor.

Over the next several years, these organizations plan on reducing violence, educating locals about irregular migration, and improving employment opportunities. In doing so, they hope to improve the quality of life for children in these areas and reduce mass migration.


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