Steelers’ Best Decade – The 1970s

Steelers pic

A faculty member at Columbia Business School and the Columbia School of International and Public Affairs, Joann Baney supports the Pittsburgh Steelers. Steelers fans like Joann Baney have been rewarded for their loyalty with six Super Bowl victories.

Most of these victories came during the 1970s, which proved to be the strongest decade in the history of the franchise, and one of the strongest of any team in the history of the NFL. The Steelers’ luck changed when they were able to draft future hall of fame member Terry Bradshaw, moved to the AFC Central, and changed stadiums. These alterations led to a division title in 1972, after 40 years of drought.

After that, the hits kept coming. The team defeated the Minnesota Vikings in the 1974 Super Bowl, then beat the Dallas Cowboys in the following year’s Super Bowl, and became the third team to come out on top two seasons in a row. The two seasons after this were comparatively weak, but were followed in turn by two more Super Bowl victories, including one over the Los Angeles Rams and one over, yet again, the Dallas Cowboys. These strong performances earned the Steelers the designation of Team of the Decade in the 1970s.


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